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Unrelated to printing, but I’m having a small studio clear out. Some nice things that I’ll never realistically have time to use properly, and they should go to a decent home. This is a Dave Smith polyphonic analogue synthesiser, and is basically mint. It’s listed on (link in my bio) if you’re interested. Please do spread the word, if you have geeky synth music friends. #synth #analog #studio #forsale
Final newsletter of the year has just gone out to all subscribers, full of irrelevant details about my life. For anyone who’s not subscribed to it, I essentially wanted to say thank you for your support: whether you bought some type from me, helped me in a tricky situation or clicked the little heart button on Instagram- thank you. Running a typefoundry in the 21st century is a silly idea, and I couldn’t do it without you. Happy new year.