Our equipment

Monotype Composition Caster

Our late-model Composition Caster is controlled by Bill Welliver's CompCat system (bill.welliver.org), meaning that digital proofs of typesetting can be seen and checked before casting. We have 6pt, 7pt, 8pt, 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, 13pt, 14pt, 16pt and 18pt composition moulds and a wide range of composition matrices available for setting.

Monotype Super Caster

The Super caster can cast almost any material a printer needs:  composition sorts from 6pt-16pt, display casting from 14pt - 72pt, and leads & rules (1pt, 1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt, 6pt, 8pt & 12pt). 


Once an automatically-fed press, the heavy art (parallel approach) platen Autovic is now hand fed, with a maximum paper size of 13 3/8" x 18 1/8"

Cefmor proofing press

A simple, galley-height proofing press.