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Before you order …

It’s a sad fact, but we can never guarantee delivery times. We do things as quickly as we can, and we’ll try to give you some idea of how long they’ll take, but if you need a job in a hurry we may not be able to help.

We’re not commercial printers – if you need letterpress printing, the best place to go is Hand & Eye Letterpress, where Phil Abel has been printing for more than 30 years.


We can take payments via PayPal, BACS transfer, cheques or cash on collection.

First-time customers will need to pay for type and typesetting before it will be sent out. For typesetting jobs, we’ll need to take a deposit to cover the metal, which will be refunded when the type is returned.


Thanks to our computer-controlled Composition Caster, we can take your existing digital text document, and send you a ‘soft proof’ of how your copy will look before it’s cast. This means that any necessary changes can be done in the digital domain before setting takes place, saving time and money. We can provide you with a correction fount for your setting, or align the new setting to your existing type.

Once the soft proofs have been passed, up to two sets of galley proofs can be sent before the type is dispatched. After the type has been cast and proofed, you pay for corrections that were your fault, and we pay for corrections that were our fault. Simple.

You’ll also need to pay a deposit on the metal used, which will be refunded when you return the metal. You pay for shipping the type to you (including insurance, if desired) and I pay for shipping the type back to me.

For a typesetting estimate, please email us with as much detail as you have.


Because the foundry is generally very busy, we don’t cast small quantities of type to order. We do sometimes have a stock of weak founts, borders, display type etc. which will be available in the Shop.

We can take orders for strong founts of composition type, and for founts of display type; these are charged at £35 per kilo. At the moment, we have a minimum order of £125, not including shipping and any matrix hire costs (a full fount of composition sized type is around £140). If you want a lot of weak founts at different sizes, there may be an additional setup charge for mould changes.

Sometimes, we are able to cast unusual typefaces for a limited time; our mailing list receives notifications of time-limited castings, so do sign up if you might be interested.


We normally keep stocks of 12pt, 6pt, 3pt, 2pt, 1.5pt and 1pt leads, which are sold in 0.5kg packets for £17.50 plus shipping. If we don’t have stock of the leads you need, a special casting will have a minimum setup cost, and minimum order quantity, which will probably make it too expensive for most. It’s far more cost-efficient to wait until we have more stock


We don’t tend to keep stock of rules; they can be cast to order, subject our minimum order of £125 plus shipping.