Can I Help You?

Can I Help You? toured English towns as part of the Collaborative Touring Network in autumn 2016, including Wigan, Medway, Darlington, Hull, Gloucester, Thanet, Torbay, and Peterborough. 

This public intervention was commissioned by Bonkersfest, for Creative Routes and The South London Gallery. It is presented on an ad-hoc basis wherever and whenever it might be needed.


“Been meaning to move that sofa from the basement to the spare room for months, but couldn’t face it alone? 

Not sure what to do about that all important life-changing decision and need a fresh point of view?

Never fear, help is at hand!  I will be available to all for general help from 9.00am to 5.30pm.  I will be stationed at a pelican crossing nearby.  I will be well equipped, with D.I.Y. tools a plenty, sewing kits, philosophical advice, and handcream.

I am the multitool of helping hands!  The performance version of Handy Andy!  Use me while you can!  So go on, buy that extra bag of melons, there’s someone here to help you carry them home!


Rhiannon Armstrong


p.s. Tool belt includes: garbage bags, change for a tenner, pens, paper, a hammer, nails, needle and thread, The Little Book of Calm, a fan, mints, an A-Z.”

Papped, helping people in Camberwell, June 2006.