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Of course I’m biased, but I’ve always loved @hsimpsondrawing ‘s book that she made while interning with me & Phil at Hand & Eye. It looks like she’s printed some more copies, and you should definitely get one. ・・・ This book chronicles the work of Hand and Eye letterpress and foundry. Using pen, ink and found materials it describes the intricate processes of print, and the care taken in a labour of love. All drawings were made on site and compiled with minimal text to tell the story of this special place. 32 pp, giclee printed by Senecio Press to a very high standard, handbound. 22 x 22cm. £25 #illustration #reportageillustration #letterpress #book #drawing
A slightly odd one today. I don’t think many people refer to these as ‘quotations’, but that’s what they are- large spacing. I’d be interested to know where that use of the word comes from, in fact. • Anyway, it’s a pain to cast them because you have to use an entirely different mould (to cast to the lower height) and you have to have this little matrix which reduces the amount of metal used in each casting. And, of course, there’s a different insert for every size- these are 48pt x 48pt. • tldr- If you find that you need some 48pt spacing, then this would be a good time to let me know, as I don’t tend to cast it very often.