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I find that, broadly speaking, I keep forgetting when print fairs, meetings and wayzgeese are happening, and I wondered if it’d be a useful resource to have a simple website that lists upcoming events on a calendar. Other functions might be easy-ish to implement, like closing-date reminder emails, maybe? I’d be happy to do the small amount of work involved, and if the occasional user chipped in a pound or so, that’d cover any small costs. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Would I just be duplicating work found elsewhere?
Its hiatus time! I have a non-printing-based project that’s long overdue; in fact, I need to get it done before our new baby arrives (and if you’re interested in what I’ll be up to, why not sign up to the mailing list?) . I’ll still be replying to emails, I’ll still be able to supply anything I have in stock (type, leads, brass & copper spacing etc), I’ll still be able to do estimates for casting and typesetting jobs, but I won’t be able to start any new castings until the beginning of May at the earliest (more likely the middle of May, since I also need to remelt a lot of type). . Once I’m back in the saddle, I’ll be casting some founts of great typefaces like Floriated Caps, Centaur and my newly acquired Alcuin Baskerville (as so beautifully described by @david.wakefield23), and perhaps even the online shop will be up and running. . If you have queries, thoughts about future jobs that aren’t urgent, or if you have questions that I might be able to help with, then I’d love to hear from you. I’ll still be on Instagram too, of course. Can’t keep away.